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Gabi Drusinsky, 994727868 3/17/10 MUS 129A Final Essay Thanks to Life, Which Has Given Me So Much At the dinner table, many families say their prayers and their thanks for the food that they are about to consume. In Native American tribes, people show their gratitude by honoring different areas of their lives which give them all the privileges they make use of. By doing this, they subsequently honor life itself, and show that they are not taking what it gives them for granted. The process of creating songs, the regalia they wear at events, and the traditions they hold are just a few examples of how the Native American people pay tribute to life and everything that life gives them. The Native American process of song-making is an honorary one on behalf of the people’s lives, for the songs are not ‘composed,’ but instead they are ‘made.’ Composing a song implies that it was thought up by a human mind, but Native American songs are made by the Creator (for brevity, hereafter the Creator will be referred to as a male), who simply channels his musicality through people’s minds and into the human world. To acknowledge this process is to acknowledge his existence in general, to pay respect to him, and to acknowledge that the people have not been given a birthright to the music or the process behind it. By paying respect to the Creator, the Native American people are showing him that they are taking neither his music nor the life he gave them for granted, and therefore are honoring both, along with honoring the
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Final essay - Gabi Drusinsky, 994727868 3/17/10 MUS 129A...

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