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Unformatted text preview: Sacred Harp refers to human voice, participatory rather than presentational performance- Singers sit in a hollow square, with each of the four parts on one side facing the middle- Song leader stands in the middle, beats out the rhythm o Newcomers are encouraged to stand in the middle to experience all four parts- Sung in “shape notes,” using old English notation o 4-note system o Fa-sol-la-fa-sol-la-mi-fa o Early American tunesmiths used the different shapes of each note to teach sight-reading - Loud singing is good, louder is better o No dynamics are written in music o Experienced singers sing at the top of their lungs o b/c sung by ordinary people for pleasure/worship, b/c instant gratification, b/c more visceral pleasure- Audience o Anyone is welcome, but will be encouraged to join participatory, not presentational o No auditions, no rehearsals, if they sound bad they just move onto the next song...
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