Conert Paper 2

Conert Paper 2 - Name: GABI DRUSINSKY TAs name: BEN IRWIN...

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Name: GABI DRUSINSKY TA’s name: BEN IRWIN Concert Attended (name, place, date): ELIJAH, FREEBORN HALL, MARCH 8 TH , 2009 Name, Title (e.g.: John Smith, classmate; Jonathan Wilkes, my TA) of Person who reviewed my paper: SCOTT McAULIFFE I believe the thesis of my essay to be: SWITCHING BETWEEN RECITATIVE AND ARIOSO AT THE RIGHT MOMENTS PLAYS UP IMPORTANT ROLES AND WORDS. I am familiar with the concepts of Academic Integrity and the Code of Academic Conduct as posted at . Specifically I have taken care to cite sources of ideas that originated with others, and I have not cut-and-pasted material from the Internet. I attended the full concert about which I am writing. Signed: (Type your name and last four digits of your UCID.) GABI DRUSINSKY 7868 If you grant permission for your work to be used in the SmartSite environment (i.e., posted for later offerings of the class) for the advancement of the objectives of the course, please so indicate: Elijah
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Listening to the two-and-something-hour musical piece, one goes through an entire  spectrum of emotions during the length of the performance. The majority of these emotions, if  not all, are caused by the performing force. In the case of Mendelssohn’s  
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Conert Paper 2 - Name: GABI DRUSINSKY TAs name: BEN IRWIN...

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