Caffeine Extraction

Caffeine Extraction - CHEM 30AL Report Guidelines for...

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CHEM 3 0 A L Summer 2010 Report Guidelines for EXTRACTION AND PURIFICATION OF CAFFEINE FROM TEA LEAVES ONLINE RESOURCES AND TUTORIALS (IE8 User: Open the browser first BEFORE you click on the link) Theory in Extraction ( Real Player Video ) Extraction Tutorial Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Tutorial PRE-LAB REPORT GUIDELINES Pre-lab report must be written inside your lab notebook. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you follow the proper laboratory safety policy (refer to the course syllabus) BEFORE going to the lab. A laboratory safety check will be conducted at the beginning of the lab. You will be dismissed from the laboratory if you do not have the proper safety policy. Please also make sure that you show up to the lab on time. Any pre-lab reports that are NOT turned in within the first ten minutes of the lab section will not be accepted for grading. NOTE: This experiment requires two lab periods to complete. However, there is ONLY ONE pre-lab report for this experiment. You will turn in the pre-lab report on the FIRST DAY of the caffeine extraction assignment. Please also read the supplementary handout on how to properly use the separatory funnel BEFORE attending the first lab period for the caffeine extraction assignment. 1. Introduction - list the goal(s) of the experiment as well as any experimental techniques that will be used during the experiment for purification and/or identification. 2. Flowchart - Prepare a flowchart of procedures AND show the location of the caffeine throughout each step of the experiment in the flow chart. Make sure you also REFERENCE the procedures. 3. MSDS - Propanol and Acetone (Refer to previous guidelines for the required MSDS information) 4 . Study Questions Complete the following questions. (MUST SHOW ALL WORK FOR FULL CREDIT) . Note:
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Caffeine Extraction - CHEM 30AL Report Guidelines for...

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