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CHEM 2212 LAB FINAL - *Diels-Alder Reaction-Solvent...

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*Diels-Alder Reaction - Solvent: Xylenes (Used because it has a very large boiling point, allowing the reaction to be heated at high temperatures causing the reaction to move forward. Because of its high boiling point, a water cooled reflux condenser was not necessary.) -How product was isolated : product was cooled which allowed for the product to crash out of solution. - Dienophile: Maleic Anhydride -Diene : Anthracene *Nitration of Methyl Benzoate - Catalyst: H2SO4 - Reagent : HNO3 -Substitution: Meta -How was product brought out of solution : By dumping product into an ice bath. Because the nitro methyl benzoate is non polar, it is immiscible in cold water. Thus, when the reaction mixture hits the ice it falls out of solution. Ice is used here instead of water because using regular tap water would cause the waters temperature to increase, causing a reduction in the product. - Product was isolated : Through suction filtration using a Buchner funnel. - Product characterized : By melting point. *Friedel- Crafts Alkylation - Solvent : Acetic acid - Catalyst: H2SO4 - Nucleophillic aromatic ring: 1,4- dimethoxy benzene -Becomes electrophile after being protonated with actid and H20 leaves: t-butyl alcohol -Why does r eaction need to be chilled: Reaction is exothermic.
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