My view on Healthcar - not by the price each item or...

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Running head: MY VIEW ON HEALTHCARE1 1 My view on Healthcare1 Antonia Livingston HCA210 June 23,2010 Carolyn Ivey
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MY VIEW ON HEALTHCARE1 2 My view on Healthcare1 In my opinion the purpose of health insurance is to make people pay an insane amount of money to get the doctor to check your health for nothing to be wrong with you. There are insurance companies that make people pay money to have insurances to pay a certain amount and they pay a certain amount. To have health insurance is a good thing because it helps people who don’t have the financial resources to afford to pay for healthcare. I don’t think that there should be a limit on the healthcare that is provided for the patients, but I do think that the price of healthcare should be limited to patients. The cost of healthcare these days is outrageous for patients; there should be a limit on the price that healthcare given. I think that healthcare should be charge as on single price and
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Unformatted text preview: not by the price each item or procedure costs. Because a lot of the healthcare industry is so focus on money and how much everything costs it makes patients not want to get the help that they need for their medical problems. For example, I do not have health insurance and therefore I will not go see any kind of doctor unless I absolutely need too. My husband and kids have insurance but our insurance puts a cap on my kids benefits and they do not cover any of the local hospitals. Therefore my kids can only see that doctor once and that is pretty much all of their coverage. So if one of my kids gets sick we have to pay out of pocket. So do I think that healthcare is a problem for a lot of people to have and afford. Yes, I do think that healthcare is too costly and the providers or insurance companies do not do enough to serve people in need....
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My view on Healthcar - not by the price each item or...

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