My Proposal - Running head: FINAL 1 My Proposal Antonia...

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Running head: FINAL 1 My Proposal Antonia Livingston HCA220 July 18, 2010 Carolyn Ivey
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FINAL 2 Final If I had to come up with a healthcare system that will work for all Americans, it will have to be an insurance plan were members will have smaller deductibles and smaller premiums. Creating a more affordable insurance plan where more people in America can afford to participate. This two tear plan will help cover expenses to those who qualify. Some participants will not have to pay back there medical bills, while others will be given back the option to repay their medical bills on an income based repayment program. Instead of the government wasting everyone’s hard earned tax dollars, the tax payer’s dollars will be spent on healthcare programs that help America in getting insurance that cover healthcare charges. Even with the repayment option, this would at least help recover some of the money spent on the yearly healthcare expenses. My overall vision of this new health care plan is to have the government step in and assist paying for some of the medical bills for the people who purchase this insurance plan. This will make it so that they will not have to struggle to pay any of bills, whether it is their monthly bills or their medical bills as long as they can provide legal documentation of their citizenship. There will be no caps on the benefits for children and elderly people with bad health problems, the government will have higher rates for those Americans with good health and they will get to choose the doctor, hospital, dental care, vision plan, of their choice. With this two tear universal program the government will distribute a determined
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My Proposal - Running head: FINAL 1 My Proposal Antonia...

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