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Measuring Quality - Running head MEASURING QUALITY 1...

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Running head: MEASURING QUALITY 1 Measuring Quality Antonia Livingston HCA210 July 11, 2010 Carolyn Ivey
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MEASURING QUALITY 2 Measuring Quality To measure the quality of care you must insure that many things are met and the patient’s needs are identified. This generally includes the measurement of the patients overall quality of life while they are patients. Two approaches or indicators to measuring the outcome from the patients would be the patient’s status and the patient’s overall satisfaction. The status of the patients should be a healthcare workers first priority. The patient should be as comfortable as possible so that they can give any information to the healthcare worker, if needed. If the patient is uncomfortable or feels like they have not been given the proper care, they will shut down and not say anything the healthcare employees. Patients need to know that the healthcare worker is there to help them and not feel like they are a burden to the healthcare worker. Healthcare workers need to
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