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Interview a healthca - Running head INTERVIEW A HEALTHCARE...

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Running head: INTERVIEW A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL 1 Interview a healthcare Professional Antonia Livingston HCA220 July 2, 2010 Carolyn Ivey
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INTERVIEW A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL 2 Interview a healthcare Professional The person being interviewed is a Medical Assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant, her name is Sandy Gomez. She works at the Fountains of La Cholla which is a nursing home for elderly patients that have Alzheimer’s or patients that cannot take care of themselves. For an individual to be able to work at this nursing home you work have to have a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate or license (CNA). Some nursing homes will provide the training and testing so that you can obtain the appropriate certificate and license. At this facility they do provide the training and license, through taking classes and testing. You should also have to have worked in the medical field and have a passion to help the elderly people in everyday life.
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