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CONTENTS New to This Edition xiii Preface xiv Features of This Book xv Acknowledgments xvii About the Authors xix CHAPTER 1 WEATHER ANALYSIS: THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE. Key Terms 1 Learning Objectives 1 Measuring the Fundamentals: The Where, the When. and the Warmth 3 Spatial Scales: Going the Distance 4 Map Projections: Going Flat Out 4 Time Scales: Synchronized Sands through the Hourglass 8 Temperature Scales: A Matter of Degrees 8 Mathematical Tools: How to Crunch Numbers and Like It 10 Converting Units: Just for Good Measure 11 Spatial and Temporal Scales: The Big One That Got Away 12 Statistics: From the Mean to the Extreme 12 Weather Analysis: Spatial Tools 17 Topographic Maps: Elevating the Discussion on Isoplething 18 lsoplething Weather Maps: Getting Down and Dirty with Data 20 Caution! Gradient Ahead: Weather Conditions May Change Rapidly 22 Weather Observing Networks: Straight to the Source 23 The Station Model: Templates of Local Observations .... 25 Meteograms: Messages in Time 29
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