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viii CONTENTS Daily Variations of Temperature: Often Lagging Behind 100 The Diurnal Range: A Year in the Life of a Day. 100 Variations in the Diurnal Range: Battle for Local Control 101 Temperature Measurement: Don't Trust Bank Thermometers or Sportscasters 103 Thermometers: A II Designed with One Goal in Mind ..103 Weather Folklore and Commentary 104 Focus on Optics: Subsuns and Sun Pillars: Magical Mirrors 107 Weather Folklore and Commentary 109 Chapter 3 Laboratory Exercises 111 CHAPTER 4 THE ROLE OF WATER IN WEATHER Key Terms 125 Learning Objectives 125 Hydrologic Cycle: Tortoise and the Hare 127 Evaporation: Water Molecules Can Check Out, but They Can Never Leave . . . Well Almost Never 128 Temperature: The Warden of Evaporation Rates 129 Water Vapor and Temperature: The Keys to Solving the Puzzle of Potential Evaporation in Africa 130 Net Evaporation: Evaporation Edges Condensation .... 130 Vapor Pressure Gradient: A Proxy for the Net Evaporation Rate 134 Net Condensation: A Cloud Is Born 135 Clouds and Relative Humidity: There's Nothing
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