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CONTENTS CHAPTER 7 UPPER-AIR PATTERNS OF PRESSURE AND WIND 259 Key Terms 259 Learning Objectives 259 Constant Pressure Surfaces: Like Crumpled Throw Rugs 261 Creating and Interpreting Maps on Constant Pressure Surfaces: Step by Step 263 Upper-Air Patterns of Height and Wind: It All Boils Down to Warm and Cold 266 Interpreting Heights on Constant Pressure Surfaces: Clearing the First Hurdle 269 Determining Hind Directions on Constant Pressure Surfaces: Buys-Ballot s Law 271 Controllers of Wind Speeds Aloft: Because They Are There 274 Controllers of Wind Speeds Aloft: A Recurring Theme of Warm and Cold 275 Vertical Profile of Wind Speeds: Leading Up to the JetStream 278 Mid-Latitude Jet Stream: A Fast Current within a High-Altitude River of Westerly Winds 280 Pattern Recognition: Part of the Art of Forecasting 284 Jet Streaks: The White-Water Rapids of the Jet Stream 285 Upper-Air Pattern Recognition: Wavy or Not? 285 Blocking Highs: Not an Offensive Lineman's Euphoria 287 Weather Folklore and Commentary
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