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CONTENTS CHAPTER 10 TROPICAL WEATHER, PARTI: PATTERNS OF WIND, WATER, AND WEATHER 417 Key Terms 417 Learning Objectives 417 Weather and Climate at Low Latitudes: Persistent Patterns 420 The Hadley Circulation: In Control of the Tropics and Subtropics 423 The Intertropical Convergence Zone: A Creature of the Sea 425 Subtropical High-Pressure Systems: Merging Traffic from the Tropics 428 Completing the Hadley Circuits: Jack-of- All-Trades. ...43 1 The Subtropical Jet Stream: Another Ice-Skating Application 434 The Asian Summer Monsoon: A Gigantic. Long-Lived Sea Breeze 435 El Nino: The Trades Falter 439 The Equatorial Eastern and Central Pacific: Not as Warm as You Might Think 440 El Nino: Changing of the Guard 442 Weather Impacts from El Nino: Near and Far 443 Weather Folklore and Commentary 448 Chapter 10 Laboratory Exercises 449 CHAPTER 11 TROPICAL WEATHER, PART II: HURRICANES Key Terms 463 Learning Objectives 463 Tropical Cyclones: A Global Perspective 466 Naming Tropical Cyclones: Ham with Chicken Livers and Mushrooms 467 Recipe For Hurricanes:
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