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CONTENTS Focus on Optics: Sundogs: Heeling at Their Master's Side 577 Chapter 13 Laboratory Exercises 579 CHAPTER 14 MID-LATITUDE III: SPAWNING SEVERE WEATHER 601 Key Terms 601 Learning Objectives 601 Breeding Grounds for Supercells: A Lot of Shear, a Little Lift 603 Dry Lilies: Initiating Discrete Supercells 608 Mesoscale Convective Systems: Thunderstorms Get Organized 608 Nocturnal Low-Level Jet: A cceleration After Dark 610 The Mesoscale Convective Complex: King of Mesoscale Convective Systems 61 1 Squall Lines: Nature's Blitzkreig 615 Bow Echoes and Derechos: Radar Footprints of Widespread Windstorms 618 Forecasting Severe Weather: Larko's Triangle and Final Thoughts 62 1 Severe Thunderstorms: The Media and Chicken Little 623 Chapter 14 Laboratory Exercises 625 CHAPTER 15 A CLOSER LOOK ATTORNADOES Key Terms 641 Learning Objectives 641 Land of Tornadoes: There's a Time and a Place 644 Putting the Spin on Supercells: We're on a Roll 646 Stretching the Mesocyclone: Atmospheric Aerobics
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