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xii CONTENTS Global Warming: A Result of the Enhanced Greenhouse? 736 Future Trends: Modeling into the Unknown 739 Ozone Depletion: Not Enough of a Good Thing? 742 Ozone: A Primer 744 CFCs: Revisited 744 The Antarctic Ozone Hole: Cold and Alone 746 A Wider View of Ozone: Global Trends 748 Land Use Change: Impact on Weather and Climate 750 Deforestation: Cutting across Natural Cycles
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Unformatted text preview: 751 The Climate of Cities: Islands unto Themselves 753 Closing Thoughts: The Speed of Change 756 Weather Folklore and Commentary 757 Focus on Optics: Red Skies and Volcanoes: Twilight Tides of Erupting Crimson 757 Chapter 18 Laboratory Exercises 759 Glossary 161 Index 787...
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