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xvi FEATURES OFTHIS BOOK OTHER TOOLS TO USE IN YOUR APPRENTICESHIP Cover Inside Front Cover. Contains common unit conversion formulas and a description of Metric (SI) orders of magnitude. Inside Back Cover. Shows how to build and interpret the station model. Binding A World of Weather is provided in a loose-leaf format. This format invites instructors to teach their favorite chapters first and to match the book to their syllabus. Students can rearrange chapters, add supplementary ma- terial and handouts, and turn in written exercises. Book Layout Weather Folklore and Commentary. Appear in many chapters. Weather folklores are homespun forecasts based
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Unformatted text preview: on observations of nature. Weather commentaries are consumer reports on products dealing with the dissemination of weather information. Focus on Optics. These essays on optical phenomena are scattered throughout the text and expose you to the colorful wonders of the sky. Electronic Resources. Due to the fluid nature of Web resources, this list is monitored for availability and is posted on our website at: . Glossary. Serves as a ready reference for vocabulary terms. Index. Provides for quick page reference for important terms from the text....
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