Chap1_016 - Velden Nathaniel Winstead and George Young We also want to acknowledge the professionalism hard work and infinite pa-tience of those at

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W e gratefully acknowledge our friends and colleagues who offered suggestions and guidance during this project: Richard Alley, Scott Bachmeier, Craig Bohren, Eugene Clothiaux, Steve Corfidi, Dale Durran, Jenni Evans, Greg Forbes, Mike Fritsch, Fred Gadomski, Mark Klein, Paul Markowski, Ray Najjar, Tim Olander, Art Person, Jon Racy, Nels Shirer, Cathy Smith, Mark Thornton, Chris
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Unformatted text preview: Velden, Nathaniel Winstead, and George Young. We also want to acknowledge the professionalism, hard work, and infinite pa-tience of those at Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, especially Lynne Rogers, Georgia Botsford, and Charmayne McMurray xvii...
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