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chap1_021 - 2 C HAPTER 1 Weather Analysis TheTools of...

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2 CHAPTER 1 Weather Analysis: TheTools of theTrade Be able to convert readings from any temperature scale to the other two temperature scales p . S - l O ^ Ur>)j tcftuerriQr\ ' p\\ Understand the meaning of common statistics such as probability of precipitation and norma! high temperatures p-|H - |^ » Be able to isopleth charts of surface weather data and locate areas with large (or small) gradients p.l7/<30 ~ 3& Understand the basic weather variables routinely reported by weather observers and automated observing systems p,/)3 Be able to decode surface station models p.-yS-c^ Be able to decode meteograms f>-0°\ ~3>\ Upon the canvas of our lives, the atmosphere often re- mains in the background, appealing subtly to our senses, from the tepid touch of a tropical breeze to the gentle blues of a cloudless day. Indeed, this sky-blue tint stamped onto the thin envelope of air that hugs our planet makes a first-class postcard when viewed from space (see Figure 1.1).
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