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CHAPTER 1 Weather Analysis: TheTools of theTrade 3 % *>$'* - " FIGURE 1.1 When a portion of the satellite image inside the rectangle shown on the inset is enlarged, the relatively thin atmosphere hugging our planet becomes visible. This thin protective covering can be likened to the skin on an apple (courtesy of NASA). Our first real glimpse of meteorology, the study of atmospheric science, begins with the ancient Greeks, who christened the study of the atmosphere and the heavens "meteorologica." The Greeks collectively re- ferred to raindrops, hailstones, and snowflakes as "meteorons," which translates to "things in the air." Today, one of the jobs of meteorologists (atmospheric scientists) is to prepare weather forecasts so the public can make informed decisions about their daily routines. Whether the atmosphere is in the background or at the forefront of our daily journeys, it continuously offers un- paralleled beauty and physical truths that are worthy of attention. But in order to appreciate these opportunities,
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