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chap1_038 - the Big Island of Hawaii on the companion CD...

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CHAPTER 1 Weather Analysis: TheTools of theTrade 19 >x FIGURE 1.13 (a) Photograph of Mount Marcy, NY, with three-dimensional coordinate system included; (b) Two-dimensional (x-yplane) topographic map showing the trail from the point at which the photograph in Figure 1.13a was taken to the summit of Mount Marcy. Elevation is in meters; (c) A cross section (x-z plane) of the trail on Mount Marcy. that contours provide information about elevations in a two-dimensional setting. To interactively see the relationship be- tween a plan view and the corresponding cross section, check out the nifty virtual-object tool for
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Unformatted text preview: the Big Island of Hawaii on the companion CD. Note in the plan view that the highest "mountain," Mount Index Finger Knuckle, has the greatest number of contours between its "peak" and the table. Thus, el-evation varies greatly from the lofty peak of Mount Index Finger Knuckle to the flat table. Now that you have the concept of a topographic map "well in hand," let's delve into weather maps. FIGURE 1.14 (a) Side or cross-sectional view of a contoured hand; (b) Top-down or plan view. From Boy Scout Handbook, 10th Edition by R. Birkby. Copyright 1990 by Boy Scouts of America. Reprinted by permission....
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