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chap1_053 - 34 CHAPTER 1 L a b o r a t o r y Exercises 2...

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34 CHAPTER 1 Laboratory Exercises 2. Make the following unit conversions according to the specified instructions: a. Figure 1.33a is a weather observation from atop Mount Washington, New Hampshire at 14Z on March 9, 2008. Note that in the temperature, dew point, wind and visibility entries, numbers are missing in front of several of the units in parentheses. Fill in the corresponding blank spaces. b. Figure 1.33b is a weather forecast for St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, issued by Environment Canada on March 10, 2008. In the worded day and night forecasts for "Today," convert all wind speeds and tem- peratures to miles per hour and degrees Fahrenheit (respectively). C. Figure 1.33c shows the annual average snowfall (in centimeters) for the provinces of western Canada. Convert the maximum annual snowfall you see in British Columbia to inches. d. Figure 1.33d shows rainfall totals (in millimeters) as measured by satellite over the Pacific Northwest be- tween November 28, 2007 and December 4, 2007. The governor of Washington declared a state of emer-
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