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chap1_055 - eratures are given in °F while precipitation...

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36 CHAPTER 1 Laboratory Exercises 80N 70N v>: SON 40N - ~, -^s= 30N 100E 120E Jan 20 30 40 50 (e) 3. The National Climatic Data Center maintains an archive of global temperature and precipitation extremes at http://lwf.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/globalextremes.html . Use this archive to determine the highest and lowest global temperatures ever measured. When and where were they observed? Convert both of these extreme temperatures to degrees Celsius and Kelvins. Show your work. 4. What is the numerical value of absolute zero on the Celsius scale? On the Fahrenheit scale? Show your work. In the accompanying table, you are given the daily maximum and minimum temperatures and daily liquid precipitation observed at The Franklin Institute Science Museum in downtown Philadelphia, PA, in October 2006 (The Franklin Institute is the only cooperative observing station in downtown Philadelphia). Temp-
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Unformatted text preview: eratures are given in °F, while precipitation is in inches ("T" means "trace"). Using this data, answer the following: a. Compute the average high temperature during October 2006. Compute the average low temperature. Then average the two values to arrive at the overall average monthly temperature. Round your answers to one dec-imal place. What was the highest temperature during the month? What was the lowest? The official observing site for Philadelphia is located at the International Airport, several miles southwest of downtown. For October 2006, the average maximum temperature at the airport observing site was 65.0°F, while the average minimum temperature was 47.4°F. Was the average maximum temperature higher downtown or at the airport? What about the average minimum temperature? Can you suggest a rea-son for the temperature difference between downtown and the airport?...
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