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chap1_058 - what must be the temperature range for points...

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CHAPTER 1 Laboratory Exercises 39 8. Hale Stone is a TV weatherman whose meteorological analysis skills leave a lot to be desired. Figure 1.35 is an example of Hale's less-than-stellar work. Note that the 30°F isotherm branches while the 40°F and 45°F isotherms cross. Neither of these isotherm patterns is physically realistic. a. Recall that a fundamental rule of isoplething is that an isopleth of a particular value (call it X) must pass between points having value greater than X and points having value less than X. With this rule in mind,
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Unformatted text preview: what must be the temperature range for points in the region marked A? What about in the region marked C? Use your answers to these questions to arrive at an inconsistency regarding the value of temperatures in the region marked B, thereby demonstrating that the branching structure of the 30°F isotherm is not physically realistic. b. What inconsistency arises from the intersection of the 40°F and the 45°F isotherms? FIGURE 1.35 Laboratory Exercise 8 ■ An example of a poor temperature analysis....
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