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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 1 Laboratory Exercises 41 FIGURE 1.37 Laboratory Exercise 10 ■ Topographic map of the island of Hawaii. Contours are drawn every 1000 feet. From Bulletin oftheAMS, Vol. 74, No.4, pp. 567-580 by Rogers, Ecklund, Carter et al. Copyright by American Meteorological Society. Reprinted by permission. 10. Figure l .37 is a topographic map of the "Big Island" of Hawaii. Use this map to answer the following questions: a. Assume that during a vacation to Hawaii, you want to take a long hike—for sake of argument, let's say 30 km in length. Three possible trails, each 30 km long, are marked by lines AB, CD, and EF on the topo- graphic map. Estimate the gradient of each of these three paths. To do so, estimate the elevation of each point from the contours (use 13,795 feet as the elevation of point D, the summit of Mauna Kea, where some closed contours near the peak are not drawn to avoid cluttering the diagram). Express your gradients in units of feet per kilometer (admittedly, this is a hybrid mix of English and metric units, but given that...
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