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chap1_064 - CHAPTER 1 Laboratory Exercises 45 d A simple...

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CHAPTER 1 Laboratory Exercises 45 d. A simple rule to determine which way a front will move is to look at the wind direction in the cold air. If the wind on the cold side of the front is blowing toward the front to any extent, then the cold air will ad- vance. With this rule in mind, would you have expected temperatures in the days following January 13, 2007, to be higher or lower in San Antonio than on January 13? Support your answer using specific obser- vations from the map. e. A summary of weather in San Antonio in January 2007 is available in tabular form at: http://www.meteo.psu.edu/~nese/sanantoniojan07.htm . Look specifically at the "MAX" temperature (Column 2) for the period January 13-16. What was the trend in high temperature over this stretch of days? f. On any of those days, did precipitation fall with temperatures at or below 32°F all day? If so, which day(s), and how much liquid precipitation was measured (see Column 7)?
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