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chap1_066 - 18 In the table on page 50 you are given the...

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CHAPTER 1 Laboratory Exercises 47 16. Discuss the meaning of the cartoon in Figure 1.42 in the context of temperature scales. Specifically, what's the fallacy of the man's statement? FIGURE 1.42 Laboratory Exercise 16 Copyright 1989 Sidney Harris. Reprinted by permission. "Let's go over to Celsius' place. I hear it's only 36° over there." 17. In a later chapter, you will learn that some tiny water droplets in the air can resist freezing even at tempera- tures as low as -40° F. Coincidentally, this value of temperature has a special significance with regard to the Fahrenheit and Celcius scales. Using the formula linking these scales, determine that special significance.
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Unformatted text preview: 18. In the table on page 50, you are given the maximum temperatures (in °F) and liquid precipitation amounts (in inches) observed in Washington, DC, on traditional presidential Inauguration days dating back to 1949. a. Using this data, estimate the mean maximum temperature in Washington on Inauguration day. What was the highest and lowest maximum temperature on Inauguration day during this period? b. Using this data, estimate the probability that the temperature will remain below 32°F in Washington on the next Inauguration day....
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