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Sheila Karn Culture Identity Visual Communications Week 5/Culture It is hard to describe what culture identity I belong to, there are so many that I can include myself with. I am a white middle aged, divorced mother of five who is on welfare. Then on the other hand I am also an abused, single white divorced mother of five who is living off of welfare. It is just depends on how the media wants to portray the lives of women like me. They won’t take into account that I am trying to get off of welfare or getting an education or that I am the Treasurer of the Discovery Charter School in the town. All they see is that your name was in the paper because your husband was an abusive jerk and your family was left destitute because he was sentenced to prison. I had no skills, because he wouldn’t let me work. So, I went back to college to get my degree. The media has portrayed women like me as if we just stay on welfare and do nothing, that may be true for some, but not for me. I want my kids to be something when they grow up and
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SKarn_Week5WrittenAssignmentCulture_02062010 - Sheila Karn...

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