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Caroline O’Connor Lab 4 T.A. James Peterman TITLE: Blood Typing Lab: Measurement of Blood Proteins and Blood Type 1.) The total blood protein concentration I measured for my blood sample was 7.8g/dL. This was measured by the refractometer which measured the refractive index of the plasma or how much it altered the velocity of light passing through the plasma. 2.) This concentration of 7.8g/dL was normal in that the average protein concentration is between 6 and 8.3g/dL. A greater than normal total blood protein may have indicated dehydration, inflammation, leukemias or lymphomas, arthritis, or even pregnancy. A lower than normal total blood protein level may have been associated with extensive burns, glomerulonephritis, hemorrhage, liver disease, malnutrition, diabetes, poisoning, or shock. 3.) 39 picograms per cell would have to be secreted to account for all of the protein in the blood. This was calculated by first determining the total amount of protein in the blood by multiplying the protein concentration of the sample by 50dL which
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