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Assignment _2 - Microsoft Access for Office 2007 ntains two...

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ontains two objects…a table and a report. nicely formatted version of the table in a labels format is considered a Report. Close Access here Close labels here Microsoft Access for Office 2007 Assignment #2 MAIL MERGE Mail Merge is one of the main things for which we use databases. Perhaps you learned how to do merges in Word, but you may not have used a database as the data source. What is a Mail Merge document? It's that letter we get every year from Publisher’s Clearinghouse telling us we have won TEN MILLION DOLLARS. They address us by our first name and say they will be coming to our city to deliver the check … "Yes, Linda , we will be visiting San Diego , California, to personally present you with your check for Ten Million Dollars." Did they tell you the same thing? Of course they did! Did they address you by name? Sure they did! Did they type 80,000,000 letters to everyone in the universe? Of course not! So, how did they do that??? They used Mail Merge letter is written, and fields are inserted where names and addresses will appear when the merge is complete. We will now create a form letter to all the " Kin " asking permission to give the Residents their flu shots. We will insert Merge Fields into the letter (based on our database fields ). We will then merge the letter with the database , automatically creating seven personalized letters to the relatives ( Kin ). Creating the Mail Merge document - Mail Merge #1 First we will create a form letter in Word. 1. Download Flu Shots Form Letter from the class site and Save it to your Access Folder . a. Open the Flu Shots Form Letter i. Remember, the Ribbon may or may not be showing. Use the little down arrow next to your Quick Access Toolbar (upper left corner of screen) to either minimize it or not. ii. Looking at the letter, the fields we need to pull from the database appear in red. iii. Remember that you must add spaces and commas where appropriate. iv. This is the proper layout for a business letter, and you may want to keep a copy for future reference. 2. Click the Mailings tab 3. Click Start Mail Merge in the ribbon and choose Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard a. The Mail Merge task pane appears on the right of your screen. 4.
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Assignment _2 - Microsoft Access for Office 2007 ntains two...

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