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Assignment _3 - Microsoft Access for Office 2007 Make a...

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Microsoft Access for Office 2007 Assignment #3 Make a Copy of a Table Because we will now be making major changes to the database, it would be a good idea to have an extra copy of our Residents table , in case we mess up. 1. Open YourTown. 2. Your Objects Pane (All Access Objects) should look like this. If it doesn’t, open the Objects Pane Help document at our Blackboard site under Assignment #3. 3. 4. In the Objects Pane (left side of screen) right-click (use the right mouse button) on Residents . A short menu will appear. 5. Left-click on Copy in the menu. 6. Right-click again on Residents. A short menu will appear. 7. Left-click on Paste in the menu. 8. Keep the name Copy of Residents. 9. The middle radio button - Structure and Data - should be selected and click OK. 10. Double-click on Copy of Residents to open it and to be sure it was copied correctly. 11. If it is okay, close Copy of Residents. Otherwise, repeat Steps 1 through 9. Scenario : Your Town is growing and you are being promoted. Residents is a rather unsophisticated table, but it has worked well for you because you designed it and knew how to enter your data (for example, you used two-letter abbreviation for " State " rather than spelling out New York). We will be making changes in Design View to help your replacement understand how to enter data and to limit what can be entered. Then we will create a Form where your replacement will enter data for one resident at a time. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are entering data in the Residents table in Datasheet View, you could accidentally overwrite another resident's record if you aren't careful. Unfortunately, undo only works once in databases. If you get on the wrong line and start entering data, you would have a mess on your hands. You can’t close the database and reopen it to revert to the earlier version. In Access, data is saved immediately upon moving to the next field! Page 1 of 5 Linda Hickman ©2009
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Making changes in Design View to Limit What and How Data is Entered The Residents table is fairly simple. However, we do require specific information to be entered in a specific way. This is very important to the “integrity” of our database! In addition, we want to eliminate unnecessary typing, ensure there are no typos, and make things easy for our data entry person. Descriptions for fields
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Assignment _3 - Microsoft Access for Office 2007 Make a...

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