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5 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 Microsoft Access for Office 2007 Assignment #4 Scenario : Your Town is growing, and a new table is needed to store the information about the doctors who treat the residents. 1. In Your Town create a new table called Dr Info (no periods!) that contains the fields and records below (make a new table , don't make a whole new database!) a. Click the Create tab, choose Tables group and Table Design (4 th icon from left). Field Names Data Type Description Dr ID Text (You can add these if you want) Dr First Text Dr Last Text Pager Text 2. We are keeping all the Data Types as Text. The “Number” Data Type is for numbers we will perform mathematical functions on. ..such as hours worked, rate of pay, etc. We cannot add, subtract, multiply, or divide the Dr ID or the Pager number, so they MUST BE TEXT! 3. If the Design tab isn’t already selected at this point, click on it and locate the Primary Key icon. 4. 5. 6. Make the Dr ID field the primary key by clicking on the field name and clicking the little key on the toolbar (this will be explained in a later assignment). 7. Limit the Dr ID field size to 3 by going to the bottom of the screen and changing 255 to 3. 8. Limit the Pager field size to 8 and make it Required. 9. Switch to Datasheet View and save as Dr Info (no periods) if prompted. 10. Enter the two records in the table below. 11. Resize the columns using the double-click method. 12. Dr Dr First Dr Last Pager 111 Jack Jones 111-1111 222 Karl Kruger 222-2222 Page 1 of 6 Linda Hickman ©2009
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Microsoft Access for Office 2007 Assignment #4 Adding Fields in Design View: List Boxes Scenario: We need to know what our doctors specialize in. We'll create a new field called Specialties and use Lookup Wizard to create a list of doctors' specialties which we can merely click to choose. This will eliminate lots of typing and will minimize spelling errors and typos, which is very important in databases! 13. Switch to Design View 14. Right-click on Pager and then choose Insert / Rows ( or find the icon on the Table Tools toolbar) 15. On this blank row, type Specialty for the Field Name 16. Choose " Lookup Wizard " as the Data Type (click on the little down arrow in data type column to find the Lookup Wizard) 17. Click " I will type in Values that I want " 18. Click Next 19. Click in the white cell under Col 1 and type Cancer then press the Tab key (if you accidentally press Enter, you can click on "back" to get back where you belong) 20. Type Geriatrics then press Tab 21. Type
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Assignment _4 - Microsoft Access for Office 2007 5...

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