Assignment _7 for 2007 revised July 2009

Assignment _7 for 2007 revised July 2009 - Microsoft Access...

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Microsoft Access Assignment #7 Filtering, Finding, Sorting, and Advanced Sorting I like queries because you can save them and they are easy to run. However, if you are looking at a large table of data, need information quickly, and you don’t need to save the info, you will use some icons on the toolbar to filter, find, sort, and perform advanced sorts. TO DO: Get a sheet of paper, and number from 1 to 6. Just put the answers to the following questions on it. When you send your email with the database for Assignment #7, just type the numbers in order in the email. I know the questions by heart. Now, some of these scenarios are pretty weak, but you’ll get the idea. 1. Your Town is open 2. Open the Residents table. 3. If you still have a record for yourself, delete it. 4. On the Home tab, look at to locate the funnels , binoculars , and A-Z icons Filtering and Sorting Question 1: The Marketing Director will be touring the 12333 Zip code to visit our residents’ relatives and ask for referrals to their friends for Your Town. How many of the “kin” live in the 12333 Zip code? 1. Click on 12333 in the Zip column 2. Filter by Selection a. Click Selection – the funnel and lightening bolt – and choose Equals “12333” 3. Sort this selection alphabetically on Kin Last name (I have no reason for this, just want you to sort. ...) a. Click in Kin Last and click the A-Z icon 4. Look at the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen – you will see how many records were
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Assignment _7 for 2007 revised July 2009 - Microsoft Access...

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