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AEM1230 – Fall 2009 Quiz #3 October 7 th , 2009 Pedro David Pérez Answer the following matching questions on this sheet. Please write your name, student ID and electronic ID in the front of this sheet, and also write your name in the back of this sheet. You will have five minutes to answer the quiz from the moment the professor declares it started. Name of student __________________________________________________ Student ID ________________________ Electronic ID __________________ Match the information useful for a startup with the financial statement that provides it. 1. Capital required by the startup b. 2. Determine whether the startup will be profitable e. 3. Help determine when the startup will stop burning money a. 4. Help in avoiding bankruptcy d. 5. Indicate ownership value and distribution c. a. Breakeven analyses b. List of startup costs and use of proceeds c. Pro-forma balance sheets d. Pro-forma cash flow statements e. Pro-forma income statement 6. Which of the following is most important for a VC firm considering backing a startup?
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Unformatted text preview: a. An excellent business opportunity; b. An excellent management team; c. Both are equally important. 7. The initial startup capital is mostly provided by a. Banks; b. Business angels; c. Government; d. The entrepreneur herself, her family and her friends; e. Venture capitalists. 8. Most startups will, eventually, seek and obtain angel and VC funding a. True b. False 9. Which of the following classifications of customers is probably least sensitive to the price of the product? a. Innovators b. Early adopters c. Early majority d. Late majority e. Laggards 10. The idea that an existing company might have a difficult time developing a new product for a new market because it listens closely to current customers is known as a. Crossing the chasm b. First mover advantage c. Network economies d. The S curve e. Tyranny of the current market...
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Quiz3F2009Answers - a An excellent business opportunity b...

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