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AEM1230 – Fall 2009 Quiz #5 November 9 th , 2009 Pedro David Pérez Answer the following matching questions. Please write your name on both sides of the page. Name of student ________________________________________________ Student ID and Student Electronic ID _______________________________________________ Match the following entrepreneurial profiles with the form of ownership that is most likely to succeed for their startup ventures. 1. Bobby is a just graduated Ph.D. in chemistry. He believes that his research findings can be turned into a valuable biotech company. (a) 2. Cathy is a Hollywood producer looking for financing for her next movie; (c) 3. Earl has just retired from a successful corporate career. Earl and his wife, Elsie, reckon that they can work for another 10 to 15 years and they’d like to open a business “to keep busy”; however, they do not have an idea they’d like to exploit. (b) 4. Roger and Margaret are MD’s: Roger is an OB/GYN and Margaret is a pediatrician.
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Unformatted text preview: They are married and expect that starting a practice together will leverage their knowledge while allowing them to work under the same roof; (d) 5. Shirley is a freelance photographer. She enjoys her work and the freedom to accept or reject assignments. Anyways, freelance photography is an extension of her favorite hobby. (e) a. Corporation b. Franchise c. Limited partnership d. Partnership e. Sole proprietorship Match the following characteristics of intellectual property forms with the intellectual property form it belongs to. 6. Attempts to ensure that no one outside of the firm knows about it d. 7. Attempts to sidestep intellectual property issues b. 8. It formally lasts for more than a century a. 9. Optional to apply to the USPTO e. 10. Requires complete disclosure of idea and processes c. a. Copyright b. First-mover advantage c. Patent d. Trade secret e. Trademark...
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