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AEM1230 – Fall 2009 Quiz # 7 September 9 th , 2009 Pedro David Pérez Name of student _____________________________________________________ (please write your name on the back of this sheet as well) Student ID Number and Electronic ID ________________________________________ Some industries favor new firms more than others. Please indicate whether the following characteristics of an industry favor entrepreneurial activity. 1. Advertising and marketing-intensive industry b. 2. High R&D intensity a. 3. Stable, undifferentiated markets b. 4. Young industry a. a. Favors new firm formation and success b. Hampers new firm formation and success 5. Startups tend to be most successful when they develop a. New markets b. New markets and new ways of organizing c. New products d. New products and new markets e. New products and new processes 6. Entrepreneurial opportunity arises from a. Availability of resources; b. Change; c. Unique information;
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