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AEM1230 – Fall 2009 Quiz # 7 November 30 th , 2009 Pedro David Pérez Name of student _____________________________________________________ (please write your name on the back of this sheet as well) Student ID Number and Electronic ID _______________________________________________ 1. Entrepreneurs tend to be great business managers a. True b. False 2. Which of the following is an unavoidable source of individual feelings of unfairness? a. Inequity in rewards b. Lack of transparency c. Procedural inequity d. Self-serving bias e. All of the above are avoidable sources of individual feelings of unfairness 3. When will task-oriented leadership be most important for the entrepreneur? a. Initial stages of the startup b. Fast growth stage of the startup c. Exit stage of the startup Match the variables of expectancy theory with the motivational techniques that best address them. 4. Expectancy b . 5. Instrumentality c . 6. Valence a . a. Bonuses, flexible time and “cafeteria-style” benefits b. Clear goals c. Employee training
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