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Unformatted text preview: Children & Parenting November 11th, 2007 Socialization Norms Racial etiquette, heteronormativity, gender norms Values Individualism, familism, collectivism Generativity (Erik Erikson 1950) As a subtype of familism Parenting Styles (Baumrind 1971) The Permissive Style High support, low control The Authoritarian Style Low support, high control The Authoritative Style High support, moderate control Review: Parenting and Social Classs Authoritarian Authoritative Permissive Autonomy vs. Conformity Occupational role demands & parenting styles Concerted Cultivation vs. Natural Growth "Helicopter Parents" vs. Unstructured Support Parenting and Gender Fathers' involvement in 2 parent families Support role to mother's handson parenting Focus on recreation over "emotion work" Quality of involvement matters more than quantity of involvement, but why? Gendering of kinship work Influences on Quality of Parenting Effects of economic pressures Unemployment and poverty Effects of divorce Effects of singleparenthood Short run versus the long run Effects of samegender parenthood Supervision and quality of relationships Gendered behavior, sexual preference Adoption 2.5% of minors are adopted (U.S. Census 2000) Fewer American women put their children up for adoption 1960s: birth control pill, 1970s: legalization of abortion Contemporary adoption is more likely to...: be international involve nonparent kin involve nontraditional families (stepparents, samegender parents, mixed race families) ...
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