Nov19 Divorce, Remarraige, and Stepfamilies

Nov19 Divorce, Remarraige, and Stepfamilies - Divorce...

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Unformatted text preview: Divorce, Remarriage, & Stepfamilies November 19th, 2007 History of Divorce in the West Era of Restricted Divorce (Pre19th Century) Catholicism & the annulment restriction; collectivism Initiation of divorce as a male privilege Era of Divorce Tolerance (Mid19th Century to 1970) Faultbased divorce Gender equalization of the initiation of divorce Era of Unrestricted Divorce (1970 to the Present) Nofault divorce Expressive individualism & individualized marriage Social Correlates of Divorce Increasing individualism (expressive & utilitarian) Women's employment Income effect Economic opportunity effect Men's employment Unemployment/Underemployment effect NoFault Divorce Legislation Common Factors: Satisfaction and Freedom Individual Correlates of Divorce Age at First Marriage Being Black or Native American vs. Being White Alternative kinship resources & poverty strain Unmeasured factor of differences in wealth as a predictor Personal and Family Background Cohabitation and Level of Familism Having divorced parents (trauma vs. role modeling) Heterogamy (marrying dissimilar people) Common Effects of Divorce Mothers gaining legal and physical custody Exwives declining financial condition Loss of husbands' higher incomes Decline in alimony agreements Custody and child support Parallel parenting more common than co parenting Demography of Remarriage About 40% of weddings involve a remarrying partner Post60's: Divorce rate rising & remarriage rate falling Twothirds of all divorced women will ever remarry (2002) Women's remarriage rates by race: whites58%, blacks 32% The Remarriage Double Standard Higher Divorce Rate for Remarriages The male agehypogamy & female agehypergamy norm More hostility or selection effect for poor relational skills Effects of Remarriage on Children Wellbeing is about the same as children of divorced single parents Lack of institutionalization of steprelationships; anomie Boundary ambiguity easing into intimate outsider role Extension of kinship ties via "remarriage chains" Differential effects on older vs. younger children Stepfathersstepson relationships are better adjusted age Lower expectations for intimacy by gender Stepparented girls leaving home at a younger average Stepmothers and Stepfathers Forming the Wicked Stepmother Greater attachment to biomother than biofather Stepmother is typically a noncustodial parent Competition: Noncustodial biomothers interact more with their children than noncustodial biofathers Forming the Recreational Stepdaddy Lower parenting expectations of fatherhood as `backup' Less involvement of the biofather before & after divorce "You're Not My Mother!" ...
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