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Accounting due Sunday Appendix C
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Axia College Material Appendix C Journalizing, Posting, and Preparing a Trial Balance Journalizing the Transactions GENERAL JOURNAL J1 DATE ACCOUNT TITLE AND EXPLANATION REF. DEBIT CREDIT Cash 101 25,000 Common Stock 311 25,000 3-May Supplies 126 $2,500 Accounts Payable (for supplies "Read Supply Co.) 201 $2,500 7-May Rent Expenses 729 $900 Cash (May's rent) 101 $900 11-May Accounts Receivable 112 $2,100 Service Revenue (as billed to client for tax services) 400 $2,100 12-May Cash 101 $3,500 Unearned Revenue (management consulting advance 205 $3,500 17-May Cash 101 $1,200 Service Revenue (Cash for service to H.Arnold Co.) 400 $1,200 31-May Salary Expense 726 $2,000 Cash(Secretary-receptionist salary for May) 101 $2,000 31-May Accounts Payable (for supplies "Read Supply Co.) 201 $1,000 Cash (40% Payment to Read Supply Co.) 101 $1,000 Use this template to journalize the transactions for Jane Kent, Inc. The first two lines are completed for you. You might not require all the lines provided. May 1
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