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Assignment_6 - n θ term the integral over half-sphere...

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Assignment 6. Due on July 27 (Tuesday) before tutorial (so that I can ask TA to try to grade it and give it back to you on Wednesday class). 1. In a MOS capacitor, the CV-curve will shift due to charges in the oxide. Assume oxide thickness 4nm. Calculate the CV-curve shift if on average there is 1 negative charge/ µ m 2 located in the middle of the oxide (i.e. 2nm from the oxide/Si interface, 2nm from the gate) , and 1 positive charge/ µ m 2 located at the oxide/Si interface (4nm from gate). Oxide dielectric constant is 3.9. Note that you cannot use the term of qQ/C ox as shown in the figure. 2. Show that for a small planar surface source with n=1 in the cos
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Unformatted text preview: n θ term, the integral over half-sphere surface (i.e. θ =0 to π /2; ϕ =0 to 2 π , ϕ is the angle in x-y plane relative to the x-axis): That is, the total flux across any half-sphere surface is conserved and is equal to evaporation rate R evap . Now assume the small planar surface source is not symmetric, such that the angular distribution becomes cos θ× Isin ϕ I (absolute value of sin ϕ ), and flux becomes F K P =CR evap /r 2 cos θ× Isin ϕ I. Calculate the constant C (answer: C=1/2). evap P K R dS F = ∫∫ Deposition rate Here assume n=1 in the cos n θ term, which is close to experiment....
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