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diabetes - Life Sciences 2 Assignment 4 10 points Managing...

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Life Sciences 2 Assignment 4 10 points Managing Diabetes S. Sklaroff Name: _________________ , Section: ________________ , TA: _________________ Write a one page (single spaced) summary of the article. People with diabetes have an abnormally high concentration of glucose in their body and this can be harmful to tissues throughout the body. This high concentration is a abnormality in how the body makes or reacts to insulin. Type I diabetes is an autoim- mune disease in which the body sabotages its own ability to produce insulin. This occurs mostly in children, and throughout their life, they need an artificial source of insulin to supply the body with insulin. It is not necessarily genetic, but scientists think it might be a genetic factor that can be triggered by something in the environment like a virus. Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance causes cells to poorly respond to hormone. Type 2 is more linked to genetics, weight gain and poor exercise. Diabetes, if not taken care of properly, usually leads to heart attacks, stroke, hypertension, blindness, kidney disease,
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