9diverse - temp warmer but fluctuates more lower less...

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BIO 20 DIVERSE 1 DIVERSITY 1. COMMUNITIES community - all diff spp. within an ecosystem dominant species - usually most abundant, largest biomass niches - dominant sp. monopolize resources - others specialize in narrower niches 2. SPECIES DIVERSITY species diversity - no. of diff organisms in community species richness - total number of different spp. species evenness - proportion of individuals in each sp. niches - spatial (incr if smaller microhabitats) - temporal (incr if seasonal changes) - trophic (incr if partition resources) 3. VERTICAL LAYERING forests - height determines sunlight, photosynthesis, moisture canopy trees - tallest, most sunlight understory trees - shorter, shaded shrub layer - no main trunk herbaceous layer - no woody tissue forest floor - no sun, decomposition oceans - depth determines light, O2, temp upper - more light, O2, photosynthesis
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Unformatted text preview: - temp. warmer but fluctuates more lower - less light-O2, more decompose- temp. lower but fluctuates less BIO 20 – DIVERSE 2 4. HORIZONTAL PATTERNS ecotone - greatest diversity- zone where 2 communities overlap- also attracts diff species need both island ecology - oceanic islands- habitat islands (mtns, ponds, hosts)- diversity - incr with island size- decr with distance to islands- immigration - incr if large/close- decr if already colonized- extinction - incr if small/colonized 5. TROPICAL DIVERSITY tropics - more diverse than temperate- but fewer of each species evolutionary time - tropics older climatic stability or predictability- allow smaller niches in tropics heterogeneous environment- tropics more complex & more niches productivity- more sun-photosynthesis in tropics interspecific regulation- more comp.-predation in tropics...
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9diverse - temp warmer but fluctuates more lower less...

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