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10success - becomes more favorable to plants productivity...

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BIO 20 SUCCESS 1 SUCCESSION 1. INTRODUCTION succession - sequential change in dominant vegetation terrestrial - grasses to shrubs to trees aquatic - pond to marsh to grasses … sere - sequence from pioneer to climax own replacement by other species 2. DEVELOPMENT pioneer communities - nutrients abiotic, open flow - photosynthesis > decomposition - weeds opportunistic, rapid growth, short life, small biomass - seeds small, wind-dispersed, dormant climax communities - stable & persistent biomes - nutrients biotic, closed cycle - photosynthesis = decomposition - plants slow growing, long lifespan, large biomass, shade-tolerant - seeds large, fruited, germinates quick 3. PATTERNS IN SUCCESSION soil - increases thickness, horizons, organic matter, minerals, moisture
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Unformatted text preview: - becomes more favorable to plants productivity- incr photosynthesis, biomass, lifespan selection - from r-selected to K regulation - from external to internal resilience - recovery from disturbance- from high to low BIO 20 – SUCCESS 2 plant diversity- greatest at intermediate stages animal diversity - greatest at pioneer 4. FIRE sources - lightning or human activity- natural role in ecosystem benefits - fertilizes soil, sanitizes pests- increases repro (germinate seeds)- increases diversity (open understory)- regenerates forest (burn old)- maintains subclimax (burn climax) suppression - uncontrollable & hot succession - without fire…- grasslands would be replaced by shrubs (also wet winter, dry hot summer)- chaparral would be replaced by forest- Sequoias would be replaced by other trees...
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10success - becomes more favorable to plants productivity...

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