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AED200 CHECKPOINT WEEK 3 - their parents will want to...

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After reading from the NCES.ED web-site I have become informed that having school choice did not have an impact on the funding that the schools receive. The standards are the same and because much of the schools funding comes from tax dollars the schools are not directly affected by having a school choice. I would feel that having a school choice has a positive impact because the parents and students are attending schools that fit their needs and the students are also part of the No Child Left behind Act. The schools have to maintain certain scores to receive funding from the state and because the schools are relying on grants and other monies for revenues the schools tend to do better. Schools are improving to get the approval from the state to stay open and they are in a way competing so students as well as
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Unformatted text preview: their parents will want to attend their educational institution. Some of the opposing viewpoints from my classmates were that if we ran the school system like a business maybe then there would be either more monies available or the schools would all run more efficiently. Another viewpoint was that the schools should not have a school choice because it possibly was bias in the poorer communities. I believe that having a school choice is a great way to have the parents more involved, accurate curriculum, better teachers, and a higher success rate. I would hope that this choice will not change so that my own children can attend the best schools to fit their educational needs....
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