Sojung Suk paper 2

Sojung Suk paper 2 - Sojung Suk N174 competition Plays...

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Sojung Suk N174 Name: Pt. #2 Address: CA Sex: M Age: 39 Marital Status: Married Race: Asian Date: 7/4/10 Children: Boy 8, Boy 4 Occupation: Coffee and sandwich shop owner Religious Preference: Christian Insurance: Private Source/Reliability: Self, seems reliable CC: Right wrist pain x 2 month HPI: Achy, cramping, radiating to elbow, thumb and index finger, right forearm pain (5/10). Notices pain while playing tennis prolonged period. Pain most days over 2 months, worsened past 2 week (max 7/10) after local community park tennis competition. Plays tennis 1-2 hours three days week with only 10-20 min break. Hx of forearm and wrist pain X 13 years w/ periodic flares up. Initial injury 13 years ago when started to have tennis lesson. Works in his café as a barista and uses right arms and wrist to handle espresso machine. Uses wrist and thumb support wrap when working. Pain relieved without movement of right forearm. Pain worse when pushes, lifts or swing.Goes to acupuncture twice a week. Has not been seen PMD. Tx include rest, hot pack, herb patch and Motrin (600mg when pain worse to 7-8/10); always improves (1- 2/10) 1 hour after medicine. No x-ray, CT or MRI done. Denies other trauma, joint pain, stiffness, swelling, deformity or limited ROM for the affected arm; or arthritis, gout, muscle weakness/fatigue/tremors. Denies sensory changes on the affected arm. Health otherwise good. Denies family history of arthritis.
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PMH: Allergy: NKA Preventives: Childhood immunizations received. Trauma: Fx’d nose and twisted right ankle
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Sojung Suk paper 2 - Sojung Suk N174 competition Plays...

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