HW 2 for N50

HW 2 for N50 - Sojung Suk N50 Dr. Carpenter, Catherine...

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Sojung Suk N50 Dr. Carpenter, Catherine 6/29/09 Chapter 3 1. The best answer is e . Rationale: Page 38~39 –“The denominator of an incidence rate represents the number of people who are at risk for developing the disease. For an incidence rate to be meaningful, any individual who is included in the denominator… Another important issue regarding the denominator is the issue of time.” Page 43 –“Consequently, the numerator of prevalence includes a mix of people with different durations of disease, and as a result we do not have a measure of risk. If we wish to measure risk, we must use incidence, because in contrast to prevalence, it includes only new cases or events and a specified time period during which those events occurred.” Page 45“If we want to look at the cause, or etiology, of disease, we must explore the relationship between an exposure and the risk of disease, and to do this, we need incidence rates.” The inference is not correct because the data did not show a defined time period and the example describes the point prevalence at an initial examination in Oxford, Mass. In order to compare the risk, we need to obtain the measures of disease incidence. Choice <a> is wrong as the inference is incorrect. Choice <b> is wrong because two prevalence ratios are presented, 5 of 1,000 men aged 30 to 35 years and in 10 of 1,000 women aged to 30 to 35 years; however, the prevalence cannot represent a measure of risk. Choice <c> is wrong because the comparison is restricted to a single age group for both men and women and we don’t have other data for other age group. Choice <d> is wrong because data are given to compare men and women; however, the data provided in the example is not enough to compare the risk of developing migraine headache in men and women. 2.
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HW 2 for N50 - Sojung Suk N50 Dr. Carpenter, Catherine...

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