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Chapter 8 HW - comparison group was involved Rationale no...

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Chapter 8 Sojung Suk 7/9/2009 1. The best answer is e. Rational: Page 134 The goal of randomization is to eliminate the possibility that the investigator will know what the assignment of the next patient will be, because such knowledge introduces the possibility of selection. Page 135 –Randomization is the best approach in the design of trial. Randomization means, in effect, tossing a coin to decide the assignment of a patient to a study group. The critical element of randomization is the unpredictability of the next assignment. Page 145 –the randomized clinical trial is generally considered the “gold standard” of study designs. When hierarchies of study design are created to assess the strength of the available evidence supporting clinical and public health policy, randomized trials are virtually always at the top of the list when study designs are ranked in order of descending quality. 2. The best answer is e May be incorrect because no control or
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Unformatted text preview: comparison group was involved. Rationale: no information of baseline rate of recovery from sore throat without medicine. Failure to compare with other group 3. The best answer is c Rational: page 139 –In addition to blinding the subjects, we also want to mask (or blind) the observers or data collectors in regard to which group a patient is in. This is called “double blinding” 4. The best answer is b. Rational: Direction of the risk, the relationship of disease (endometrial cancer) and estrogen use are known. 5. The best answer is b. Rational page 140 First is that of carryover: For example, if a subject is changed from therapy A to therapy B and observed under each therapy, the observations under therapy B will be valid only if there is no residual carryover from therapy……Finally, the planned crossover design is clearly not possible if the new therapy is surgical or if the new therapy cures the disease....
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