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Midterm 1 final draft

Midterm 1 final draft - Sojung Suk Discuss your philosophy...

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Sojung Suk Discuss your philosophy of nursing. Incorporate definitions, values, and assumptions concerning the meta-paradigm concepts of person, environment, health and nursing. In order to discuss my philosophy of nursing, I will need to explain some key concepts. These concepts include the characterization of philosophy, the definition of nursing, the values of nursing, and the metaparadigm concepts. Chitty and Black defines philosophy as “a search for meaning in the universe” (318). According to Rose, “The metaparadigm is the overall concern of nursing common to each nursing model, whether a conceptual model/paradigm or formal theory” (2). She introduces four concepts which the metaparadigm of professional nursing integrates; the four concepts are the human being, the environment, health, and nursing. Individual philosophies of nursing include beliefs and values about nursing care. My philosophy of nursing is very faith-oriented. As a born-again Christian, and a pastor’s wife, I see nursing as my calling from God such as when Florence Nightingale declared to a nursing student, “Nursing is most truly said to be a high calling, an honorable calling” (1873). At
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