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Midterm 3 - Sojung Suk Discuss the methods by which society...

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Sojung Suk Discuss the methods by which society sanctions the profession of nursing. Include the ways in which nurses can increase their level of professionalism. Kearney-Nunnery identifies, “Professional and legal regulation of nursing practice as a community sanction occurs through statutes, rules and regulations, definition of practice and expectations for practitioners”. She also point out the importance of “licensure and professional practice parameters” as the energy to enhance entry and continuity in the profession. I agree that well-developed standards of practices support the accountability of nursing profession. Also, Kearney-Nunnery introduces characteristics of professions, such as “adherence to the code of ethics, participation in the professional organization, communication and publication, and research involvement” (7). Beside of those chief merits of nursing and the evidence based practice also deserve credit for professionalism of nursing beyond occupational status.
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