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Midterm 5 - Sojung Suk Discuss the issues presented in...

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Unformatted text preview: Sojung Suk Discuss the issues presented in chitty and Blacks Chapter 2 (The History and Social Context for Nursing) and Chapter 3 (The Professionalization of Nursing), that have impacted your professional development as a Registered Nurse, and indicate how you have dealt or coped with those issues. One of famous historical nurses images can be illustrated as a lady with a lamp. Nurses role and image have been linked with societal evolution and need. From the Florence Nightingales struggle in middle of 19 th century to 21 st centurys advanced professionalism, nursing professions have been challenged and reformed. Especially, socioeconomic changes in nursing and current trends have been affecting healthcare system, which are more inquiring high-tech and legislative support. Normal saline, gauzes and bandages are not main implement for them. Technological advances force nurse to become competent in order to meet the needs. Nurses must take direct action to secure the legal scope of nursing practice, as well.order to meet the needs....
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